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Boutique 1 Spread, 2010

I placed this spread for Boutique 1 in Dubai using the SS2010 ad images.

Ad layouts are designed by our advertising agency.

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DVF Ad for Charity Journal, 2009

I put together this Black and White ad
for the Charity Journal.

Ad layouts are designed by our advertising agency.

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Alothman Ad, 2009

I set up artwork to ad mechanicals
for Alothman, featuring the new
Spring Collection.


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DVF Ads, 2009 (Clockwise)

1. I designed this 2-page color spread
ad for 20/20 Magazine.

2. This banner was designed for Plaza 66 in Malaysia.

3. I set up this ad for Kazan using a
Fall 2009 Ad Campaign image.

For all of these, I set up artwork to
ad mechanicals.

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Ad in Daily Pennsylvanian, 2008

The Fine Arts Department every year takes out an ad in the DP newspaper to highlight the different classes that are offered to students.




GQ Live ad in WWD, 2012

The first GQ Live ad goes to print in
WWD. I created the identity and conceptualized as well as designed
the ad.

App will be available August 21. Get excited!

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GQ house ads, 2012

I conceptualized some new filler ads promoting GQ's digital/tablet/social extensions, as well as the new tab on

The type-driven page above has the used/vintage look as a result of acetate.
It was really fun to create!


vac ad

Vacationist Inbook Ad, 2010

Travel + Leisure, along with luxury
travel site Luxury Link, launched an invitation-only, private sale travel
website for luxury travelers called Vacationist. This is an inbook ad promoting the new website. The
launch of the ad can be found in
the August Issue.

Art Director: Jill Sabato



Character Project Ads, 2011

There were ads that ran to promote these screenings: in the New Yorker (print and iPad), Entertainment Weekly and in the subway for New York, in the LA Times for LA, San Fran Chronicle for San Fran and Chicago Tribune for Chicago.

The Character Project short films are available to consumers through a
multi-day touring exhibition beginnin
g in New York City on Friday, May 13th (see here) and visiting Los Angeles,
San Francisco and Chicago. Audiences
in these cities will be invited to visit customized screening capsules as
unique as the films that inspired them.

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