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Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry logo, 2011

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry has been
screening all over the world and is
due for a summer release.
I've been working with Alison on all
documentary collateral for the event:
movie posters, stickers, buttons etc.

Find out more here:

ind ai


Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry logo, 2011

I designed a logo for this documentary that will be out later this year. We brainstormed for a long time and this
is what we decided on. That color has
a direct relation with the subject of the film, who often wears a shirt that color.

Known as China's even more rebellious Andy Warhol, Weiwei is very inspiring. This logo to me is very architectural yet rough around the edges (Weiwei follows some rules but is often close to being arrested or killed) while also alluding to
a more handcrafted font vs. a standard serif, which reminds me of the Chinese culture more.



Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry Site, 2011

I designed the layout and architecture
of this site, and then art directed and consulted during the building and programming process. Scheduled to
come out later this year, it has already gotten a lot of press due to its controversial star, Ai Weiwei.

Being aware of the limitations of the
web, my simplistic approach lends itself well to the Chinese version of the site. There is a lot of social media integration as well as other interactive elements.