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Boutique 1 Spread, 2010

I placed this spread for Boutique 1 in Dubai using the SS2010 ad images.

Ad layouts are designed by our advertising agency.

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DVF Online Cards, 2010

I designed cards for every domestic DVF store announcing the different ways to contact/follow the stores. This card is
for the DVF New York store.


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DVF Las Vegas Card, 2010

I updated this card for the DVF Las Vegas store customers.


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DVF Ad for Charity Journal, 2009

I put together this Black and White ad
for the Charity Journal.

Ad layouts are designed by our advertising agency.

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Alothman Ad, 2009

I set up artwork to ad mechanicals
for Alothman, featuring the new
Spring Collection.


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DVF Ads, 2009 (Clockwise)

1. I designed this 2-page color spread
ad for 20/20 Magazine.

2. This banner was designed for Plaza 66 in Malaysia.

3. I set up this ad for Kazan using a
Fall 2009 Ad Campaign image.

For all of these, I set up artwork to
ad mechanicals.

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DVF Land, 2009

I was asked to conceive a board game concept for the sales associates. CandyLand was my inspiration. Each eyewear style has its own place on the game. Once a style is sold, one places a DVF lip sticker on the signature pattern place card.


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Ort America Invitation, 2009

I designed this invitation for an Ort
event being held at the DVF Shop on Melrose Avenue.




Wrap List Card, 2009

This card, which was printed on
clouded vellum, was placed inside
the holiday card.




Rio Collection Sign, 2009

This card was designed to announce the arrival of the Resort 2009 Collection.


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Sale Postcard, 2009

I redesigned this card in time for the new store sale directive 2009.


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London EnjoyIt! Card, 2009

DVF stores often announce offers
on their "bounce back" cards. In the name of Jewish Care, DVF offers 100 pounds off a DVF London customer's next purchase of 300 pounds of more.

Here you can see the front and back of
the card.

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Madrid Promotional Card. 2009

To celebrate the first "T de Telva" in Spain, DVF decided to give a discount to DVF Spain customers on their next purchase. I designed this two-fold
card, and the discount card that can be found inside.

This Discount Card acts like a credit card and lives on the inside right page of the Promotional Card.

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PR Gift Card Packaging, 2009

This vellum and paper envelope was conceived as an economic yet luxurious solution to the new holiday PR Gift Card Package packaging. After considering several options for the envelope to close (seal, sticker etc.), the ribbon was the best option.




South Wall DVF Mural, 2009

Prepared file for mural painters using
the lip explosion pattern and the DVF logo. New DVF mural can be seen from
the Highline, 14th and Wash. St., on the
West Side of NYC.


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Sale Frosted Sticker, 2009

Under the Creative Production Manager's direction, I mocked up a frosted sticker that could go on stores' doors during
sale periods.




Brazil Store Barricade, 2009

Working directly with my boss, the Creative Production Manager at DVF, I have set up several directives for new store openings and redesigns of store layouts. This means setting up files with new signage and barricades.


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DVF Eyewear Video, 2009

Right outside the NY shop filming
for an eyewear project the studio was working on and one part involved
Diane in a DVF taxi cab. I designed
her fake license for the video.




Storefront Mock-ups, 2009

While thinking about redesigning DVF stores' window displays, mock-ups are often required for visualizing. Throughout my time at DVF, I helped conceptualize different concepts, using different ad campaign images and dimensional logos.



web1 Resizing for Web, 2009

During my time at DVF, I had to resize a lot of the images for web.



web2 Japan/Twitter, 2009

I mocked-up what the Elle shop Japan website would look like for the DVF page, using a Fall09 Trend mailer image and
the logo.

As DVF stores were becoming more involved with social networking, such
as twitter, I assisted with the design
of the pages: logo color for each store and a relevant background image.



Wallpaper Widget, 2009

DVF was thinking about making mobile/computer wallpapers available
for people online. I conceptualized a widget concept for online.




Tough Chic E-mail Blast, 2009

I designed this e-mail blast that went
out to all those who have signed up
to receive updates from DVF.




Windels Book Signing Invite, 2009

DVF Belgium hosted the launch and signing of Windels' new book. They decided to send out en e-mail blast,
which I designed.




DVF iPhone App Design, 2009

I came up with a concept and worked with the Art Director to design and format the DVF iPhone App., which was launched in January. This is the first draft and has been tweaked since.