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South Wall DVF Mural, 2009

Prepared file for mural painters using the lip explosion pattern and the DVF logo. New DVF mural can be seen from the Highline, 14th and Wash. St., on the West Side of NYC.


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Sale Frosted Sticker, 2009

Under the Creative Production Manager's direction, I mocked up a frosted sticker that could go on stores' doors during
sale periods.




Brazil Store Barricade, 2009

Working directly with my boss, the Creative Production Manager at DVF, I have set up several directives for new store openings and redesigns of store layouts. This means setting up files with new signage and barricades.


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Joe Boxer Campaign, 2008

While working at Paganucci Wolfington during the summer of 2008, I worked
on a few new ideas to bring Joe Boxer back. To try and reach the ordinary Joe
of today, the campaign suggests that anyone can wear the brand, taking a humorous approach.

Taking over several tour buses in New York City seems like the perfect guerilla approach. Comedians could be giving tours of the city.



CP Subway Sheet, 2011

This subway sheet aims to drive people
to the website to watch the films online.

Art Director: Chris Williamson

The Character Project short films are available to consumers through a
multi-day touring exhibition beginnin
g in New York City on Friday, May 13th (see here) and visiting Los Angeles,
San Francisco and Chicago. Audiences
in these cities will be invited to visit customized screening capsules as
unique as the films that inspired them.

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USA Upfront Images, 2011

For USA's Upfront Event at Lincoln Center
this year, I resized and cropped all the
new retouched photographs for use in projections, kiosks, cubes outside and inside the venue.


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