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Artestar Holiday Card, 2012

Artestar hired me to design their holiday card using a quote from the new
Weiwei-isms book edited by Larry Warsh. This is a result of the artist's popularity especially in the past year.

I loved doing another Weiwei-related project after my involvement with the
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry movie.



DVF Online Cards, 2010

I designed cards for every domestic DVF store announcing the different ways to contact/follow the stores. This card is
for the DVF New York store.


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DVF Las Vegas Card, 2010

I updated this card for the DVF Las Vegas store customers.


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Wrap List Card, 2009

This card, which was printed on
clouded vellum, was placed inside
the holiday card.




Rio Collection Sign, 2009

This card was designed to announce the arrival of the Resort 2009 Collection.


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Sale Postcard, 2009

I redesigned this card in time for the new store sale directive 2009.


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London EnjoyIt! Card, 2009

DVF stores often announce offers
on their "bounce back" cards. In the name of Jewish Care, DVF offers 100 pounds off a DVF London customer's next purchase of 300 pounds of more.

Here you can see the front and back of
the card.

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Madrid Promotional Card. 2009

To celebrate the first "T de Telva" in Spain, DVF decided to give a discount to DVF Spain customers on their next purchase. I designed this two-fold
card, and the discount card that can be found inside.

This Discount Card acts like a credit card and lives on the inside right page of the Promotional Card.

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Thesis Preview Card, 2008

This card was designed as an announcement card for the thesis preview show in December.

Typeface: Stainless



Penn Review Flyer, 2009

Student-led group on campus, Penn Review, needed a flyer designed in order to announce that they were accepting submissions for their literary and visual arts journal.


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GQ Holiday Card, 2012

We decided to keep the holiday card
type-driven this year. It was printed on
a heavy stock and the color had a
vintage edge.




GQ Holiday Card, 2011

The publisher wanted a vintage-looking card of a man on the slopes in a tux. I was inspired by old ski posters to make this illustration. The color palette really made the card pop.


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T+L Holiday Card, Nov-Dec 2010

I was given the opportunity to fully manage the holiday card for 2011, from conceptualizing to printing. I had the cards printed on uncoated stock and
after many color palette choices, decided on some great metallic colors.

Front: "Extraordinary People have Extraordinary Wish lists." On the inside, there is a post it note that has post it adhesive on the back that can be used and reused many times. This is meant to be filled in by whoever receives this card. My co-worker, Philip Schumacher, did the handwriting.

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T+L iPad App promo cards, 2010

For the launch of our new iPad App,
we decided to design these promo
cards that highlight the App's key
features. Since the App provides four
different cover options, we decided to
make a set of these cards, all with
the same info on the back.

Art Director: Jill Sabato

Download App here.



Sales+Mktg Day Program, 2010

For Sales and Marketing day in Sept.,
the team was broken down into small
groups and assigned a task. The
winning team won bottles of Veuve
Clicquot Champagne. I conceptualized
this comic book idea and executed it.

Art Director: Jill Sabato



USL newsletter, 2010

I designed this newsletter for the new bar/lounge underneath the Coffee Shop
in Union Square, Union Square Lounge.
I aslo designed the logo based on the Union Square Ballroom logo, since they wanted visual consistency within the venue. I will be designing newsletters
for the venue every week.




Holiday Card, 2011

I wanted to design a very simple and
type-driven card for the holiday season. The blind deboss turned out really good.

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Fling Flyer, 2011

This is a flyer I designed for a Penn Fraternity's fling party. I completely manipulated an existing image and
as a result, it looks like the woman
is holding up a whole new print.

These were printed on 4x6" flyers.



Holiday Card, 2008

This is a holiday card I designed to send out to family and friends for the New Year 2009.


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