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Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry logo, 2011

I designed a logo for this documentary that will be out later this year. We brainstormed for a long time and this
is what we decided on. That color has
a direct relation with the subject of the film, who often wears a shirt that color.

Known as China's even more rebellious Andy Warhol, Weiwei is very inspiring. This logo to me is very architectural yet rough around the edges (Weiwei follows some rules but is often close to being arrested or killed) while also alluding to
a more handcrafted font vs. a standard serif, which reminds me of the Chinese culture more.



Badgley Mischka logo, 2008

While working at Paganucci Wolfington during the summer of 2008, I worked
on a few new ideas to rebrand BM.
This logo concept draws on Badgley’s current elegance and association
with old hollywood glamour.




BISF Logo, 2009

I designed this logo for the Scholarship Fund at Brown University. It is now on their website.



GQ Superbrand Logo, 2013

I designed the branding for the GQ International Sales Meeting in May 2013. We decided to go with a Superbrand theme... good timing with the 'Man of Steel' movie premiere!


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GQ & Nordstrom Men's Shop, 2012

I drew the ampersand for the custom
GQ & Nordstrom Men's Shop logo. The logo was used for our Pop-Up shop in September 2012. The shop was stocked with clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts, you name it, all selected and carefully curated by the editors of this magazine.

Learn more here.



GQ at Park & Bond Logo, 2011

I had to combine the GQ and Park &
Bond logos to create an identity for the
GQ Pop-Up shop in the meatpacking.
The "at" was drawn by hand, scanned and vectorized.

Fun fact: I got a call asking for the "at" font. I had to tell them those were the
only two letters that existed from that
font because I drew them by hand.



La Source Parisienne, 2012

I revamped the LSP logo to be much cleaner.



La Source Parisienne Logo, 2009

The concept draws on making an Antiques Consultant's identity look
hip and yet still relate to the old,
which is what the swatch and color palette suggest.



Penn Review Logo, 2008

This logo has a certain penmanship style attached to it.



Svilu branding, 2012

Svilu is a new eco-friendly brand
founded by Marino Polo and Britt Cosgrove. I worked with both of
them on the branding and different collateral pieces for their recent Fall
2012 launch.

The label has already received lots of media attention, including a Glamour magazine mention.

Like Svilu on Facebook and spread the word.

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Vacationist Logo, 2010

The Amex Pub.-owned magazine,
Travel + Leisure, along with luxury
travel site Luxury Link, launched an invitation-only, private sale travel
website for luxury travelers called Vacationist. This site offers limited-
time offerings to members at top
hotels. My logo was chosen for
the identity of the site.

Art Director: Jill Sabato



USL logo, 2010

I designed the logo based on the Union Square Ballroom logo, since they wanted visual consistency within the venue.




Sea Monsters, 2011

This is an identity I designed for
a friend's band, called Sea Monsters. They asked for an identity that might
also work on promotional stickers.

Listen to music here: