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12/22/08–03/05/09, 2009

This work, which is now on display
until May 2010 in the Annenberg
School for Communication at Penn,

is a result of four months of reading global news via Google reader, a
web-based aggregator, capable of
reading Atom and RSS feeds online
or offline. Based on the frequency
of people's names being written, I
started collecting names based on
the first letter of their first name.

I interpreted the names graphically
based on appropriated images found
on different news sites. After printing
each of the illustrations on newsprint,
I recreated a street art/propaganda context by wheat pasting each one
to a wooden panel in a grid form, arranged alphabetically by the first
letter of the person's first name.

These information graphics, which
act as deeper investigations of everyday information, enable viewers to reassess the news with which they are presented. Being able to identify certain figures and not others can either leave the viewer frustrated or satisfied with his or her
own level of awareness. Either way, it
is not humanly possible to be aware of everything going on in our ever-changing and complex world.

(96.75x97.25 inches; Newsprint, Wheat Paste, Birch wood)