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Young Money Book Cover, 2014

...And my first book cover is OUT
today!! Kevin Roose's masterpiece
"Young Money" is already getting
so much buzz. Go buy it now!

Read some reviews here.

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House of Cards Infographic, 2014

I conceptualized and designed this infographic for Netflix. The graphic ran
as an advertorial in GQ's March 2014 issue, and my designers Reid Rutledge and Elizabeth Johnson definitely helped throughout the process.

This page was actually referred to as the "ad of the future". Tune into Morning Joe from February 25, 2014 to hear more!

One of my favorite projects in a while!

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GQ in Nashville, 2013

I designed the collateral for GQ's National Sales Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

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GQ Superbrand Logo, 2013

I designed the branding for the GQ International Sales Meeting in May 2013. We decided to go with a Superbrand theme... good timing with the 'Man of Steel' movie premiere!


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GQ & Nordstrom Men's Shop, 2012

In September 2012, GQ and Nordstrom launched the second annual GQ Pop-up Store. Located at Treasure & Bond— Nordstrom’s concept store in SoHo, New York—the shop brought the service and style authority of GQ to life at the height of Fashion Week. The shop featured an editorially curated selection of products, including everything from clothing and electronics to accessories and gadgets.

Celebrities attended Fashion's Night Out event such as Michael Bastian, Darren Criss, Gabriel Mann, Joshua Bowman, Chris Bosh, Bryan Greenberg, Aziz Ansari, Jamie Chung, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo etc.

The logo's ampersand is my handwriting scanned and fixed up in illustrator.

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Images by: Paul Warner/Getty Images North America


GQ Live ad in WWD, 2012

The first GQ Live ad goes to print in
WWD. I created the identity and conceptualized as well as designed
the ad. Now I'm managing the appand really steering its development since its launch in August 2012.

App Available for download on AppStore and Google Play.

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GQ house ads, 2012

I conceptualized some new filler ads promoting GQ's digital/tablet/social extensions, as well as the new tab on

The type-driven page above has the used/vintage look as a result of acetate.
It was really fun to create!



Mashable/MasterCard, 2014

My latest infographics went
up and cover Mobile and Smartphone usage. Check them out here.

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Mashable/Adobe, 2014

My third Mashable infographic went
up and covers "The New Advertising Landscape." Check it out here.

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Mashable/Quaker Oats, 2014

My second Quaker infographic went up and covers "Energy-Boosting Habits That Are Too Easy To Skip." Check it out here.

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Mashable/Quaker Oats, 2013

My first Mashable infographic was a big success! Great working with Mashable.
Check it out here.


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